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A Thank You from Archbishop Emeritus J. M. Hayes

A Thank You from Archbishop Emeritus J. M. Hayes

Dear Friends,

I have been overwhelmed by the many greetings, acknowledgements, and celebrations in honor of the Golden Anniversary of my Episcopal Ordination. The experience has been both humbling and wonderful! It is hard for me to put into words how much the response to my anniversary has meant to me. I am deeply touched by the kindness, appreciation, and generosity expressed in so many ways.

2015 Assembly of the People of God

2015 Assembly of the People of God

Are you coming to the 2015 Assembly of the People of God? This year’s workshops focus on practical ways for YOU to live out our mission, no matter what your interests or talents are. Local (and further afield) experts will be talking about realistic, relevant ways we can all share Christ with others, minister to those in need, and better rely on the Spirit in our own lives. We’re offering two separate tracks of workshops: “Discipleship” and “Leadership,” so that you can ensure you’re getting the material that will best serve you.

And don’t forget, there’s still time to enroll your child in our free childcare on Saturday (ages 3-10)!

To register click here

Share the Mission! Special Collection: June 6-7, 2015

Share the Mission! Special Collection: June 6-7, 2015

In the Church when we speak of missionary work people often think this requires going to a foreign country to proclaim Christ. While this is part of our mission to spread the Good News of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection, it is only part of the story. We are all missionaries and the mission field is right here, right now!

On the weekend of June 6 and 7 we are inviting you to take part in the annual diocesan collection, Share the Mission.

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