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EQUIP Formation for the New Evangelization

Be Equipped For Mission

EQUIP is a new Archdiocesan formation process, Group praying together PD 400x600 72designed to help prepare you for the mission of New Evangelization – the mission to bring the Gospel to all those you meet in your daily life. EQUIP builds on two already existing programs: our adult faith formation program, Koinonia, and the Diploma in New Evangelization, offered through the Atlantic School of Theology.

Many Catholics are engaged with their faith and desire to share their faith with others but don’t know how. EQUIP provides the teachings, skills, tools, and confidence to prepare leaders for the mission - whether that means leadership in your parish, your family, your workplace or the public sphere. If you have the desire to witness to Christ and to bring Him to those you encounter – consider EQUIP!


EQUIP: Formation for the New Evangelization

EQUIP: Formation for the New Evangelization

September is just around the corner and as many students will return to school. Have you ever considered further studies? How about further faith studies? In September we will start our first round of EQUIP our newly updated adult faith formation program in the Archdiocese. The coursework, activities, and spiritual reflection that make up EQUIP will help you develop and grow your faith. Want to discover what and where God is calling you to next? Consider applying to EQUIP!

The application deadline is: August 15.

For further information click here to see "Facts about EQUIP"

EQUIP Yourself!

EQUIP Yourself!

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain your faith to other and at a loss for words? Have you ever had someone ask you, “Why do Catholics do that?” and have no idea yourself? Have you found that the more you learn about your faith the more you want to know? We can help you EQUIP yourself for such situations. The newly updated adult faith formation opportunity in the Archdiocese is called EQUIP and begins this September.

Facts about EQUIPBible hands pen IS 600x400 72

1. The Four Components of EQUIP

Practical Skills

Each semester features a webinar focused on the concrete skills you need to effectively share Christ with others. These skills focus on your identifying your personal vocation and mission, sharing the faith with others, discernment, and leadership. Additionally, you be expected to participate in a wider formative experience, related to evangelization, church renewal, or Christian leadership to help broaden your experience.

The Diploma in New Evangelization

The Diploma in New Evangelization is a program offered by the Atlantic School of Theology (AST). This program forms part of the EQUIP and is required coursework. These six courses are designed to give basic understanding of Catholic theology and teaching and how they apply in today’s culture.

Learning Communities

Each participant is part of a monthly small group session, facilitated by a mentor, to discuss your learning and help discern how God is calling you to follow him in everyday life.

Spiritual Development

Each academic year begins and ends with a retreat. These retreats provide you with an opportunity to grow in prayer and to bond in community with other participants.

2. Flexible Approach

EQUIP is structured so that Catholics from across the diocese can participate. Classes and small groups are available online in real time, so that in-class those at a distance can take part in the discussions and learning.

3. Investing In You

Thanks to the generosity of local sponsors and donors, we are able to offer EQUIP free of charge to accepted applicants! The cost without this sponsorship would be approximately $1,100 per student for each year. That’s $3,300 in training invested in you over the course of the program to help bring about renewal of the church and the world.

4. Are You Ready?

EQUIP requires a commitment of your time and attention. The program is completed over three years. In particular EQUIP students are expected to:

  • be active in a local parish
  • participate fully in all four components of EQUIP
  • complete all required readings and assignments
  • attend the twice yearly retreats in person

5. Apply Today

To start the three year program in the fall of 2017 you will need to complete the following (application package (pdf)):

  • EQUIP application form
  • Statement of Intent
  • 2 Reference Letters

Please submit your completed application by August 15, 2017 to:

Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth
P.O. Box 1527, 1531 Grafton St.
Halifax, NS B3J 2Y3

or email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6. Still have questions:

Questions can be directed to:

Office of Pastoral Life & New Evangelization
Arcdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth
1531 Grafton St, Halifax, NS B3J 2B9

Aurea Sadi (902) 429-9800 ext. 310
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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